Friday, December 19, 2008

What do men wear while doing Yoga?

So, the hotness and I are hanging out today at work.

Interesting note: Library work is everyday interesting. Por Ejemplo: Basketballglasses just walked by with a book in hand. "Hey Megan, someone is writing racist propaganda in the margins of this book. We're pulling it and sending it to clean-up."

Who are you people?

Another thing. Yoga. I love it. There are actually a lot of guys at my favorite yoga studio, but I never really pay attention to them. It's one of the MOST comforting facts I've discovered in life. No-one is half as interested in you as they are in themselves. ( That's not to say that other people don't effect me or stay in my memory for long...that's right...I'm talking to you, random large white guy who was singing show-tunes at the top of his lungs on campus all those months ago. You made an awkward impression.)

But I was just pondering, now, as I sit at the desk, watching the hotness sparkle: What do cool non-awkward guys wear while doing yoga?

I found my answer here online.

Hey guys, yoga is hot.

I've also been being plagued by the fact that I am so introspective that I drive myself into deep boughts of deep DEEP "The world is so messed up. I am in HELL." mode, interspersed with "Oh my existentialism!" and " I am surrounded by idiots." moments.

I like to take a break from these times using four basic escapist techniques.

Oh look, FASHION!

Oh look, SLEEP!

Oh look, Meditation and Child-like Innocence Mode! ( Perhaps the one which leads to the most immediate "sanity-inducing" gratification)

Oh look, private expression of DEEP ANGER/DESPAIR/CONFUSION/REALIZATION/CLARITY/HELPLESSNESS! (Perhaps the one when,explored sufficiently, will lead to the most long-term "sanity-inducing" gratification.)

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