Thursday, December 4, 2008

Impossible things are happening everyday....

I've got to turn in a huge folder tomorrow at 1:30 for art, with tons of art and lesson plans and lamination and time involved. Money and time makes art a crappy subject. I've also got to ( no...get to....ya...get to) take a math exam tomorrow...sometime...which I will be up all night studying for. Right now I'm trying to "laminate" printed off art at work with clear packaging tape ( oh, I can mess this up in so many ways...just watch me.....). So, using my magic I have got to ( get to) stay up all night finishing an impossibly huge, improbably expensive Art folder, then I have to ( get to) take a math exam somewhere in there, and THEN I get to look at all the rest of the piling homework I've got that I haven't even looked at yet, and get on top of all my teachers who lose my assignments, then write several papers, then prepare a very large and important presentation, then see a play and somewhere in there I'm sure I'm going to forget seems pretty dire right now...but i was MADE for dire. The goal right now is to TAKE the test and turn ANYTHING in. If that's my goal ( which I think I can maybe accomplish in my wildest dreams) then it at least seems doable. Ka-chow!

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