Friday, June 4, 2010

Good News.

I can make pretty much anything in the microwave. I've beat the system.

Those Space-Saver Hangers really do work.

Bok Choy is tolerable when eaten with something cheesy.

There are actually a lot of feature films in the BYU library. More than are listed in the catalog.

Pool is open.

I currently average at 3 dates a week. This puts me above the norm , and assuming that the distribution of dates per week in females in my area lies at or around a normal distribution, and taking into account the information I've scientifically discovered during sleepovers, this should place me, for now, about 3 standard deviations from the mean on the "positive" side.

Groupon. Groupon is good news.

Actually, I've found a lot of sweet as blogs and links as of recent. This is also good news.

While still expensive, buying flowers from a warehouse is still less expensive than buying them from a florist.

I can save my scruffed shoes of almost any color, with the help of the ridiculously wide variety of nail polish colors.

Most cheap pizza has very little sauce on it. Double win. Pizza is cheap. Pizza has very little sauce.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

As promised.

"I'll never change! I'm like a chameleon!..................ALWAYS A LIZARD!"
-Tracey Morgan on 30 Rock

New and updated quick list of things I like to do.

Rock climb
Arrange Flowers ( new obsession-ikebana)
Read ( Since I'm not taking University courses right now I have created a booklist and series of assignments to keep me as stressed and information saturated as I am used to)
Scuba Dive
Jump Out of High Places
Ashtanga Yoga ( "the only medieval physical-fitness art that does not involve firing crossbows at a Grendel. "-
Antigravity Yoga ( See image above)
Teaching kids ( let's hope I still enjoy it and that the joy is not sucked out of my soul when I actually start the job.)
Sitting around talking with educated friends
Whitewater rafting
Going to the theater
Driving ( but not the golf kind. I should really get into that though.)
Prowling the links on my blogs
making new and interesting sandwiches ( me and sandwiches had a falling out around junior high, but we are attempting to reconcile)
The western art of clothing arrangement
Listen to music
Line dry my clothes, even though it makes my towels feel like a buffalo ( and there is a reason it's not called a fluffalo)