Friday, December 19, 2008

Obsession: It's not easy being Green

I took a personality test in one of my El Ed classes ( maybe they could weed out the psychos in time to save the children). I am a "Green" personality.

Now, these personality tests go into a lot more depth than this, and while I look skeptically *image of Megan looking skeptically* at "Color Code" tests ( Gag me with a spoon), this one has a point.

Greens are all about information, knowledge, facts and competence. Not in themselves so much as others. If you are incompetent...why are you my boss? lol.

I'm actually pretty laid back...but confusingly...that is also a green quality.

The green quality I will focus on right now though, is the green's tendency to obsess about things one topic at a time.

It's true. One of the greatest blessings and cursings is that I focus in on one problem at a time...and can't seem to look away until the problem is solved. Right now, I am obsessing about where the HECK my necklace from Wales is...(I've ripped my room apart...1: WHERE IS IT....2: IT'S NOT EVEN THAT IMPORTANT. WHY AM I OBSESSING. 3: WHERE IS IT!
Oh well. I can't find it...oh but I shall. I can feel it in my green green bones.)

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