Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The resolution list of DEMOCRACY AND HOPE

"We are defined by the lines we choose to cross or to be confined by."
- Dame A.S. Byatt in her book Possession

True Story: So, this year was the first year I've every voted in a major election. It was great. I had researched, and weighed and balanced my opinions. I was one of those dream-voters who had researched everything about both candidates and proudly wore my obnoxious "I 'FREAKING' Voted" (Note: "FREAKING' has been a dramatic addition to the said sticker. The authoress believes that the addition of the word 'freaking' ,to the otherwise mundane phrase "I Voted", portrays what she feels said sticker , in reality, signifies when worn by a person such as said authoress on an election day.) sticker on my lapel.
I did, however, have a split-second of crisis when, when asked which party I chose to be affiliated with, the "Party of DEMOCRACY AND HOPE" showed up, next to the more blandly named "Republican", "Democratic", "Independent", "Libertarian" and "Green" parties.

I mean...was I honestly going to vote against the Party of Democracy and Hope?

But then I remembered something very wise that I learned from my world travels and political interests: The friendlier the name, the scarier the place.

Greenland started the trend, but now try buying some real-estate in say..."The People's Republic of China"...or the "Super Smiley Happy Rainbow Democratic People's Union of Congo" (Run for your life.)

So, I just ended up voting for the the regular old boring party of my choice, but the crisis stuck with me.

This brings me to the title of my post. I mean, I KNOW that everyone and their Aunt Allison ( I, for example, have an Aunt my familial possession) are currently writing a Blog list of their New Year's Resolutions. I just didn't want to get lost in the cyber-deluge so I thought I would call it the Resolution list of Democracy and Hope...because, I mean...I think that somewhere inside you'd feel a little guilty about not reading it. Seriously, who's gonna be like, "Meh, Democracy and thanks."

So, Here We Go! (Note: Must be said like Mario in "Mario Cart")...

My Resolutions for 2009 are
to actively seek opportunities to be social again. If someone invites me to a game night/movie night...just go.

to go to the gym AT LEAST once a week ( I usually go about 4 times a week..but some weeks just suck with a passion. I dare you disagree.)

to make a strict budget and live on it. (I make loose budgets....but never strict budgets. I'm talking like...know where every dollar goes. It's gonna be a hit and miss thing until I figure out a system that works for me.)

Knit once a week.

Avoid Homework on if homework on Sunday resulted in death. Avoid it with that type of ferver.

Hold me to them my Favored Ladies and Gentlemen!

Happy New Year!


Pinto said...

Ha ha! "Here we go!"

Tara and family said...

I love your blog Megan. HAHA! love it! That sassy and spunky side of you I knew when you were a beehive, just got bigger and better! You rock woman!

jeans said...

I'm a knitter too, if you need inspiration or encourgement, drop me a line.