Sunday, December 6, 2009

GOODBYE BLOGGER- until after finals.

Hem Hem.

Goodbye Blogger- until after finals.

Hopefully I'll see you again- in like two weeks.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Drop Everything

"I am an echo of the eternal cry of 'Let there be!'"
- Eve in "Children of Eden"

Drop everything and go and see this play tonight. I think that tonight is the last night.
Go and see it. Just, stop what you're doing and buy a ticket. Paper-shmaper- it can wait.

Quick Thoughts

  • No sexist tale of coming from a rib nonsense- both male and female created together at the same time (as the biblical account actually says- believe it or not! Gen 1:27
  • Eve played her part a little ditzy
  • Pretty positive notion of Eve though- in the long run- for a non- mormon perspective
  • BYU vocal talent makes the broadway soundtrack sound like a high school garage band. I can't buy the soundtrack now.
  • Very cool to see a dramatic version of God- with passions and "gasp" even a few flaws
  • It's more a story about God, as a parent, and how one learns to deal with children who can disappoint and think for themselves, than it is about the actual children
  • Both Adam and Eve name the animals- rock on
  • I still can't get "Spark of Creation" out of my head
  • Still no Divine Feminine- someday I will direct this and make some changes- but God was such and intriguing character and had such an excellent voice in this production that I'm gonna let it slide
  • Great message of agency. No seriously. Great message of agency- I'm still thinking about it.
  • The line "Dear God, we know that you don't talk to us anymore." railed against all of my Mormon sensibilities. I may have actually taken a non-conscious audible intake of breath when it was said. Still- it does feel like that sometimes, doesn't it?
  • Did I mention the vocalists?

Revision of last post: Actually asked on 5 dates this week and attended two- both with TallBlondeVocalist- one Salt Lake concert, one dinner at Spark.

I still need to write on 7-10 page paper, one 5 page paper, one impressive 5 day lesson plan, and who KNOWS what else.

Oh, and don't let me forget to talk about the interesting thing that happened yesterday- cause I don't have time to right now.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I do NOT have time to do what I need to do. I am going to DIE (metaphorically....well, I'm sure I'll die someday...)!

Also, why can't I ever spell awful correctly (aweful anyone?)?.

On a happier note, I made Malibu chicken today for the dinner group. Everyone ate until they couldn't walk (especially DentalSchoolMan since he is on crutches.). This is the mark of a winning dinner. I score.

The social rundown...
Asked out on three dates this week, but could only attend one, with TallBlondeVocalist, to a concert in Salt Lake. I'm averaging about one concert a week. Pretty nice.
Every other day was booked. I am going to see Children of Eden tonight...I'll probably write something about it if it inspires me. I also get to go to "Celebration of Christmas" on Saturday- which should be fun and...festive...?

Today I had my video interview for job internships. I was told I did very well and that I had "quite a vocabulary." I am still trying to figure out what that means (?).

Hopefully I will be able to get a good job- most likely in the Jordan district. I'm thinking of living in Salt Lake City, which has always been my plan. If I don't get a good internship here, I am garunteed one in Washington D.C.- but without pay. Anything without pay is rapidly becoming not my favorite thing. Even so, the good District is probably my favorite city in the world.

Dear East-Coast:
Wait for me.


Tomorrow I've got to do two important things. I've got to somehow teach a seminary lesson, and write a 7-10 page paper. Good luck me....I will not sleep this entire night.

Life is exhausting- but the only thing I hate more than exhaustion is failure.

Another thing- working on maintaining and developing new relationships takes a lot of work, particularly since I will be about as far- hemispherically- as I can possibly get in about four weeks. As a result, I've been in an open relationship for a while. This makes things a bit confusing for all parties involved- but since this is just fun mode, it could always be worse.

Egad! I've got to go now and see Children of Eden. Halestorm awaits.'s my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday DAD!

Here, for you listening pleasure, is the new Megan Harris song of the week- David Archuleta (from the concert I saw), singing the most beautiful version of Fields of Gold I've ever heard.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Confession # 3493

Why is my class arguing the merits of the "Big Bang" theory? Did that girl just say that "I, personally, like to believe that when the tropical birds were created, that it was God letting the kindergartners let loose."(?!) Is this my university astrophysics class?

Granted, quite a few intelligent comments...but why is this even an issue?

I will just sit here nicely and type.

Confession # 3492

I have a sudden hankering to dance around to the gosh-aweful song "rumors" by Lindsay Lohan.

Should I be ashamed? I think I should be ashamed.

A Video by Deborah Tannen- my favorite far.

So, today in my linguistics class (yes, I take a linguistics class, along with my astro-physics class...I am a moron.) we watched a very enlightening video by Deborah Tannen. While I couldn't seem to find the video, in its glorious entirety, online, I did find the first two segments. I'm still sad that the last parts, which I found the most enlightening, are not online, but the video is in the BYU library, and I expect to be renting it and watching it soon...and, if I can get my technilogically gifted friends to give me a hint, I might be able to put the whole thing on youtube.