Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Freedom isn't free

So, I've been pondering several weeks on a subject and my conclusion on it. Since it's my narcissistic blog I will share.

The reason any group of people marginalize and ignore/enslave a segment of themselves is because it increases efficiency. Like the slave days of old, if you completely ignore the existence of ( i.e. "marginalize") a group of people then you get all the benefits of their labor ( "Oh look! Ridiculously cheap sugar and cotton! Perpetually clean housing and finished housework!) without having to take into account the other less convenient factors of their presence. We benefit, each and every one of us, from the largely ignored sacrifices of others. If we were to acknowledge the people we sacrifice, then we would have to grant them more personal rights and privileges which would then cancel out the benefits of labor-making the increase neutral. Whenever we grant freedoms to a group of people, it neutralizes the extra benefits we receive that much further.
Just stop and look around you for a second. I benefit immensely from the work of my professors, who I generally ignore and keep in the very VERY back of my mind. Yet, while I don't acknowledge my professors rights in my head, we as a society try to neutralize it a little by giving them paychecks , which invonvenience me ( and many tithing payers) by costing me money. I pay for the convenience with inconvenience to neutralize it. Since I don't entirely grasp the professors as individuals though, there is still an extra convenience that noone seems to pay for.
the same goes for things like electricians, postal workers, native Americans and pretty much every other group whose existence I ignore on a daily basis for and to my convenience.
It's easy to find who these human sacrifices are. They are the ones that are not mentioned in adds, conversation, media, or religion.

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