Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hookay. So, another entry to my vapid blog. ( I've got 4 Blogs..one that's deep, one that's private, and one that's full of my dreams and allegorical emotional wailing...not to be confused with emotional whaling. *picture a weeping, whining Ahab*)

Hookey. I've been on the lookout for an appropriate ruby ring replacement. I find myself torn betwixt dos options.

Now, I will tell you the benefits of both. The one with pearls has the benefit of having pearls (from whence my name derives its meaning when translated from welsh). It is also nice, real pearls, real rubies, and doesn't poke out and ruin my many gorgeous sweaters nor run my designer tights ( oh, yes I do). It is also about 10 dollars cheaper ( that's not much in fine jewelry percentages) than the other choice. It also has the advantage of being suitable for add-ons...see above, so I can buy more. The other ring has larger rubies ( a plus), and looks a little nicer. Also, it has the advantage of being able to stand alone ( which is a quality I like in men, women and accessories). Not that any of you have thoughts..but if you do...what are they?

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smalldog said...

Rather like the pearls, my Margot, they suit your fab combination of feminine grace and fiery passion. Or something...