Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No matter how little I've eaten...

"What doesn't kill me, doesn't kill me."
-Next to Normal

No matter how little I've eaten that day, or how small the servings actually are, or how much broccoli and freshly picked basil I've added to it...eating an entire bowl of "Cars" shaped macaroni and cheese always makes me feel like a third grader on the high road to heart disease.

Without fail.

Every time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adventures in Zebra Eyebrows and Other Fabulous Experiences.

So, my original black eyebrows are growing back in, mixed in with the blonditude of the others. Right now I suffer from a kind of zebra-brow, with dark black and blonde mixing in strange patterns. Now, no one really seems to notice except me, but I tell ya, I have had my eyes opened to the intricacies of eyebrow hair growth. I can now see, in detail, how fast they grow, and naturally fall out, and where the growth is at the highest rate. Consider it part of my ever growing body-awareness.

Nevertheless, I still look presentable.

On another note, as I slowly free myself from the chrysalis that is my 18 credit school schedule, and my recent Language Acquisition Science and School Law Class exploits this summer, I've noticed that my social life looked a little like my under-nourished mint plant....that is...undernourished. So, I've decided to try to up my social comings and goings and get back to that happy place of never ending parties which may or may not have actually existed in my high school experience (I think I overworked myself then too.).

At the same time I am attempting to broaden my friend base with the many groups of new and interesting people I have come across in my various journeys.

This Just In: I like people.

I like likeable people, that is. Darn shame that I only seem to know likeable people. I fantasize about being some sort of monarch/president/benevolent tyrant where I can pick a cabinet of counselors and cabinet members- because my friend base is skilled, talented, beautiful, and widely (wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidely) diverse in interests. Just once, I want to (while wearing something impressively chic) turn and say "I'll have to discuss it with my counselors." and then retreat a few paces, and whisper contemplatively with a few select friends and associates, carefully balancing their wise and knowledgeable opinions into the perfect solution.

I have boring fantasies.

Also, LittleSister....your graduation invitation is come. Not only are you a genius, but beautiful. I can't wait to hang out with you and have adventures when you come on down.

MusicallyDerivedName it was lovely to speak with you and celebrate your birthday-even if I was "crazy-eye" tired and spoke nothing of interest the entire time. If you take over the world before I, I promise to be better as a member of the cabinet.

Miata, "Who ate my entire PIE!"
I adored shopping with you, and watching that great movie. So sorry that homework swallowed you today (homework swallows me for months at a Pinocchio.), and perhaps we should go swimming at my pool (which is now heated! Bwahaha!) sometime. Bring the lovely Kreme girl while you are at it. I shall add her to my friend-pertoire (like repertoire...but a replaced first syllable).

Anyway-I've got to go and speak to my dear man Jim (sigh...the Gym) who I haven't seen in a while due to my Timp-o-bogus fall earlier last month.