Sunday, December 7, 2008

Salon (NOTE: Must be said with a sexy French accent.)

So, I have always wanted to have a salon. No. Not the hair salon that you are thinking of. I'm thinking like Enlightenment Era party of brilliant people in brilliant rooms eating brilliant food and drinking brilliant drinks and talking about whatever brilliant things they wanted.
I want to be a salon hostess of the awesome caliber of like...the salonnières of the past. I'm talkin' Madame Geoffrin, Madame de Tencin,Julie de Lespinasse, the marquise du Deffand, the marquise de Lambert, the duchesse du Maine, Madame Necker,Madame Helvétius,Sophie de Condorcet,Madame Roland,Madame Swetchine, and Madame Récamier. They dressed well, thought well and held cool intellectual get-togethers ,making an otherwise oppressive time fabulous and straight-up sparkly. I think I should gradually start one. I will gradually invite my most brilliant friends out for SPARK drinks until I get like 5 or so every once and a while to hang with me ( so I can soak up the cool) while we all dress fabulously and talk about whatever we want. BRILLIANT!


Jamie said...

Ah, so THAT'S why you keep asking me to go to SPARK with you!

smalldog said...

I've always hated the fact that we don't live in a Salon society, because I longed to be the fabulous frenchwoman who presided over one. Glad to find someone who shares my dream

Sarah said...

I think it would be cool to have a salon, too. That's why I started one online. You're welcome to visit us at We can make our own salon society now! ;-)