Friday, December 26, 2008


So, when I got off the plane in Las vegas, with my heels, my suit and my go-getter attitude I found myself ,apparently, in the land of large posters of packaged women.

I felt like a chicken walking down the frozen food section of the grocery stores; surrounded by naked, frozen chickens ready to be consumed. I tried really hard to convince myself that I was cool with this, but the entire thing gets eerie really fast.

I kept thinking...hmmm. Something is amiss. Those packaged "chickens" and I are the same type of creature, with the same intelligence and souls. How can you or I look at them as things, and not question, somewhere in our minds, if I am not a thing too?


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Pinto said...

Hey, you should read the latest ZD post. It pretty much sums up my main issues.