Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Walk of Shame

Here's a few little interesting notes.

Here is a clip from my life. So, it's snowing like the sun just went out of style. I'm sporting my wannabe Inuit princess look (Oh the uggs...oh the large puffy coat with the faux fur...don't judge me. You are just jealous because you don't prepare for snow as if each day was an Antarctic Adventure.) and sliding around periodically on the slick pavement.

*megan looks around really quick to make sure nobody's looking*
*Ruuuuuuuning start*
"Oh the rush!"

Well, I'd been sliding along ( along with spinning and giggling) when I finally did it...I slipped INTO (not "next to" or "was grazed by")a large puddle of roadside snow sludge...right on the posteriority (a mixture of posterior and priority...because it's very important to me). It was just me...sitting in the puddle, as the traffic edged by. I stood up....pants wet and cold... and made the inevitable walk of shame home, along the busy street.

Just to stick it to the man I slid a few more times on the way home...but my intuitive caution made them less free and impulsive.

Another thing: So today when I was shelving Curriculum Books, I saw one called "Developing Life Skills". It wasn't even like a home economics or sex ed book euphemism. It was really just a book about Developing Life Skills ( One chapter was on "feeling happy at home").

I just couldn't help but think...where was I when THAT class was offered. PreCalc? When I could have been learning the essential LIFE SKILLS? That's messed up. What, were they like, "So, we need to make some things required. We've can either require one extra session of PE, or the LIFE SKILLS class."
"Meh. Who needs Life Skills? Play ball!"

So, I've got my sexy ring...which I shall shallowly name "The hotness" for the time being until I gain some maturity ( don't blame me. I never took Developing Life Skills).

The hotness and I are getting along great. It's very sparkly. Like really. I can't stop looking at it.
One of the coolest things about the hotness is that I can get lost just staring into the rubies....just like getting lost in the eyes of a lover...that is, if I had a stunning, high value, European import lover who was as well cut and wrapped around my the hotness is.


Indecisive said...

Picture, please?? Of the hotness? Por favor??

Stephen said...

It was really just a book about Developing Life Skills ( One chapter was on "feeling happy at home").

I really think we need more classes like that.