Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Because I'd be afraid to do it in public...

I will now make fun of this picture by Robert Barrett.

So apparently everyone in Heaven was of Scandinavian Descent.
Or maybe this was the pre-mortal meeting for a kind of therapy session for those spirit children who were worried about their apparent lack of melanin. ( Don't send us down there so ETHNICALLY CHALLENGED! You know how bad I burn already.)

And where's Heavenly Mother? I mean, maybe She's just out of frame, or She's running late. I mean, why would She miss Heavenly Family Home Evening! Egad! Perhaps she WORKS OUTSIDE THE HOME! Inexcusable! Unless...Heavenly Father must've lost his job due to some sort of Heavenly downsizing?( "Another Omnipotent Creator of the Universe? We've got too many of those on staff as it is.")
Or maybe She's having a separate Heavenly Family Home Evening with her trillions of cooler non-Anglo children, which would make sense since none of them are pictured as present either.
Or maybe there IS no Heavenly Mother ( I mean, they didn't even give her a chair!) and all exalted figures are which case...what the heck is wrong with SOME OF THOSE DUDES in the foreground, with the immaculately pre-mortally flat-ironed, longer-than-shoulder-length hair. Ya, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with their pre-mortal anatomy ( some of which I won't mention here), believe you me. I sure hope they don't get sent down like that. *wince*


mollymuses said...

Well, let's remember:

- People are supposed to be white. If you're not white, it's because your ancestors were cursed by god for being wicked.
- Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Mother are in the kitchen making snacks so the men can take care of what really matters. After all, a celestial woman has no place outside the home . . . just like here on earth.

Stephen said...

Pretty obvious, Heavenly Father is with the children, Heavenly Mother is busy with the other adults.