Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Subtle Crush of the Week!

World famous, Parisian, wood block artist illustrator extraordinaire...look up his stuff. Dude woodblocked EVERYTHING...the Life of Christ, Children's Fairy-tales, Don Quixote, Poe's "The Raven", just everything...and amazingly well.

And LOOK AT HIM! He just looks like the coolest guy ever. The scarf, the posture, that "whatever" look on his face - he was like that hot, enlightened, sensitive, sexy artist kid you always wished would talk to you, but you'd probably end up saying something stupid to, and accidentally align yourself with "the man" by mentioning some mass produced product, and then spend the rest of the school year trying to prove you aren't a complete fascist ditz, only to fail...because let's face least compared to him. You know, the Oh-my-gosh-I think-he-just-looked-at-me-no-wait-play-it-cool type guy.

Anyway, subtle crush of the week- Paul Gustave Dore.

His great-grandson is also cool.

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