Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleep, My Anti-Everything

"Go away world!"
-Thought most often processed right before or after four hour long "power nap".

This is beginning to get disturbing. The last time I slept this much, I was under a lot lot lot of stress.

I am starting to ponder on the possibility that my subconscious mind knows when I've hit my breaking point before my body and conscious mind even feel tired.

I think I'm getting internally overworked, and like my little toshiba, I turn off automatically when overheated, or forced to process at too many gigabytes (Toshiba: "And NOW she wants to watch the Colbert Report! What does she think I AM! A freakin' MAC!")

I have been getting home for the past two weeks... promptly falling asleep for three or four hours after linner (lunch-dinner). I think that I am running from my responsibilities...and reality.

This brings up a few moral/ethical questions to my mind, which I will hash out on a few of the other blogs I co-publish.

Anyway, so, I just woke up...and it's 10:00...PM.

I think I'll go to the gym and start my day now. I've got cleaning checks in the morning, a test to take tomorrow, and tons and tons of papers to write.

I'm in "The Little Engine That Could" mode right now. It's the best I can do...during my waking hours.

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