Sunday, January 11, 2009

Les Limites


When I first stepped off the Boat in France, there were two things to greet me at the port waiting area.
1: A large "Welcome to France" sign, written in many languages.

And THIS on a television screen playing the top twenty music videos.

Ya....welcome to France.

It turns out that there are multiple versions (HERE and HERE) of this music video...because I watched them all at the port...feeling very surreal.

I now have a crush on Julien Dore, who apparently became famous by winning a reality T.V. show. His first hit was "Moi...Lolita" which was originally made famous by "Alizee" a female French popstar. Julien Dore, who is also the great grandson of famous illustrator Gustave Dore, sang the song with all the original words and from a female perspective...which works in a weird way... by emphasizing it's haunting... creepiness.(?)

But thinking back on the song "Les Limites"... here is the English translation for your convenience.

English translation:]

I easily go beyond all bounds, when I have a go at it
I consume enormously
The aim is to feel things
So I go overboard, and I like
to exaggerate
it irks
brave and reasonable people
who keep within the bounds

Hey this is no dream, I know
when I stop, I’ll be
Leaving Paris
I know, later I’ll pay for this*

I overstepped the bounds
Yeah, I overstep the bounds
Without problems of ethics


I will pay for that
I’ll end up in hard labor
I’ll be breaking stones in Guyane

I overstepped the bounds
When I start I finish
My job
I consume of course
the most liquids possible
and sometimes even solids
nicely plump and chubby

[*refrain x3:]

I will then ... hand out the change this way

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