Friday, March 6, 2009


Ah! Now, on top of it all I've got to go to a BRUNCH...a BRUNCH. I'm not old enough to be invited to non-ironic non-themed BRUNCHES yet...but here I am. It all comes from having fabulous married, pregnant ,and socially graceful pregnant friends.

So, funny redundant tale-today, whilst teaching young growing I tend to do, I sat next to this kid named Riley (from an undisclosed class, in an undisclosed school), except he couldn't say his "r" "Wiley". Now "Wiley" sat next to me during Health, busting out facts about the periodic table and how steel is made from iron; all the while fidgeting out of intense boredom. The rest of the class was just trying to grasp the concept that "iron helps blood cells carry oxygen", while Wiley excitedly told me "O2 is weplaced with CO2!" at the top of his lungs. I kept trying to shush Wiley, but all the while I really felt for him. He was so far ahead of the class, that he was getting behind. After I walked out to rinse out the cups of cereal and magnets we'd used in our iron "experiment", I saw Riley being escorted out into the hallway by one of his teachers-off to be punished for being brilliant, bored, and therefore socially awkward.

Don't worry Wiley. I'll be certified in two years and I won't make you pull a card for being smart. As I look back, I'm starting to realize that I was placed in advanced classes all through elementary school and junior high (whether I should have or still up for debate.), which accounts for a lot of my sanity/insanity. I've suddenly gained an appreciation for Gifted and Talented programs. It's a very fine line between genius and "problem child".

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Janell said...

I wandered over from FMH.

Poor R/Wiley. It must be hard to be an unappreciated genius, and even harder when others don't share your enthusiasm for a topic.