Sunday, March 22, 2009


"Hello, paper."
"Um...ya...I need to talk to you."
"Wait, is that a curly mustache, black top hat and cape on you?"
*upitty, yet ominous, turn of the century piano music*
"Oh, my gosh. I'm in a Melodrama."
*paper takes cape and masks half of face, while whisking away*
"Stop, you fiend!"
* Megan, in her pursuit, passes a man tied up on the railroad track calling "Help Me, Help Me!" in a sweet voice*
"Dude...just roll off the track...freakin moron."
*man blinks several times...then starts rolling off the track, apologetically*
"Anyway...I shall defeat you, Paper!"
*Megan continues her desperate chase, into an abandoned mine. Little does she know, that paper's thugs-Big Bud, the case study; Jackhammer Johnson, the math exam; One-Eyed-Pete, the presentation and handout; and Little Anthony, the Children's literature research paper- all wait just off screen, with dynamite and really big hammers. OH, WHAT SHALL OUR BRAVE HEROINE DO! Find out next time when the adventure continues....*

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