Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Emotional Megans Should Wear Mood Rings

Why am I crying? I never cry. My tears are made of the blood of angels and unicorns, and are only seen by the pure in heart...or the rare public sightings of my tears would so indicate.

Oh, it's because I just got struck with a fist load of dread that no matter how hard I try to write this paper...it is going to be a B or worse. Oh, "waaaaaah!", you sarcastically decry...but a B means a lot when you depend on a scholarship. A heck of a lot.

Having experienced unexplained failure multiple times...I now have no confidence in myself on this matter.

Writing is probably the biggest fear in my life...well that and marrying a chauvinist.
Unlucky for me, I am at a conservative religious university...a place where both chauvinists and papers abound.


1 comment:

smalldog said...

You will overcome both papers and chauvanists! Let's face it, neither can stand up to your energy or charisma, WAY to exhausting!