Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Identity Almost Theft....

'This innocent who wears my face; who goes to judgment in my place?"
-Jean Valjean

Ah...someone is writing on FMH..and their screen name is Megan....and they are sympathetic to the US Military...but they aren't me. This is potentially bad.

Now, I have been posting on FMH for a while now under a great, and undisclosed, screen name...which isn't Megan. I have a terrible hunch that people I know, who know I write on FMH, are going to think that this other Megan is me...and this can be no good...because what if this other Megan suddenly goes off the deep-end...or starts typing about her possibly reprehensible past...or writes one day about how she can't stand any of her friends...and officiates baby sacrifices by the light of the full moon ( opposed to my superior sacrifices during equinoxes and every other friday at noon).

The point is...that I am NOT this Megan person. Spread the word.

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