Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dear Universe,

Besides being a little mad a you right now, I just wanted to say good job yesterday. It was way fun and soothing.

Right now I'm taking a break from all man-made things for a little while. It's really nice, just to have time to relax, meditate and focus my thoughts.

I fell asleep in my makeup. That was a bad plan. I did, however, look pretty sweet in my fake eyelashes and dress.

So now, for no apparent reasons I will list things that I really like, desire, recommend and other such things. Wait, maybe not, since all those things are available on my facebook account. Hmmm. Oh well.
I'll just recommend everyone check out my links on facebook. I'm not exactly sure how to put posts and links onto this...let me try to figure this out....

Here are my recent posts.

The restaurant Spark I have listed is THE BEST THING to happen to Provo since... I moved here. lol. No really. Everyone must go eat there. This is my last recommendation before I die.

I try to keep things amusing on my facebook page, while keeping this one kind of low-key, brooding, vengeful and other negative adjectives. I think perhaps I should attempt to make this a Positive space too. I need to think of a theme for my blog. I thought about writing about TheLargerIssue and my thoughts on that.

Por ejemplo: Yesterday, after eating at Sparks with EuroInitiator and BiblicalNameCousin along with a large group of new friends including VampireSlayer and PaidForEverything, we went to EuroInitiator's apartment were I explained all my thoughts on TheLargerIssue. It was a really good experience, and I convinced a lot of people, or at lease got them thinking in a new way.

I am also seriously enjoying my interpretive dance class. I didn't think would, but I* looks around shifty-eyed and suspicious*

I can't help but notice a few major personality shifts that are seeming unrelated to TheLargerIssue but are still somehow correlated. I've since figured out, at least a little bit, why the shift exists, but at the time I was a bit confused.

I like nature now. I never EVER really liked nature. I even tried to like nature once, but it didn't really work out.

I don't really car what people think about my behavior much anymore in terms of how I sit, and how I dress.

I am defending ideas I never would have in the past, like environmentalism and tolerance of paganism.

I am now very outspoken on many issues.

I'm a lot more conscious of all injustices.

I'm also becoming increasingly worried about my new outlook for school. "Fast-tracking it" is crazy stuff, and I'll be lucky to pass, let alone get B's and A's. the goal really is though, just to finish everything and get my own classroom. I can do it...I can do it....I can do it....

I wish upon a STAR that I could have ever taken autoshop. I'll make that a goal when I get older.

I should probably try harder to make this blog readable, since now I've actually got people reading it. So far it's been a collection of random thoughts and rantings. I think I may focus on TheLargerIssue and what happens in the BYU El Ed program, with all it's hilarity. lol.

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