Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weekly Update.

Just to keep things current I will now post a link to my posted items on facebook. This is because few things are more public and important to me than those things I post there. Until I can figure out a theme of things I want to talk about on this blog, I will continue to post all my narcissistic stuff here. Oh my gosh. I just spelled narcissistic correctly.

Also, there is a particular animal the Gods keep flashing at me whenever something big or life changing is about to happen. The animal will be on T.V. or on an image, or in a book or in an add, and then BAM something big ( and usually dealing with TheLargerIssue ) will occur, if only inside me. I've used to just think it was a funny coincidence, but man, this is NOT a common animal and I see it freakin' everywhere. I've decided that this undisclosed animal must be my personal sign- my animal alter ego, if you will. If I were one of the writers of the Gospels, this animal would be my symbol.
It showed up again today...randomly. What could it mean?

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Jamie said...

That used to happen to me. I would wax contemplative about how things blindside you and you don't see them coming, and I would write a blog about that, and then something huge would happen in my life a week later.