Saturday, November 8, 2008

What could it mean?

Today while walking out of the testing center a small bug flew into my eye. Some days are just like that.

I've been getting into a sort of meditation to deal with the stress and pain of the larger issue. I just kind of lay on the ground, or on my bed and focus on what is going on in that exact moment. It's hard, because my brain is always trying to think ahead or think back. I just have to keep picking up my thoughts and bringing them back to home base, like chasing a toddler.

Today I taught preschool music, and let me just say that I have seen the greatest collection of dads on the planet. Those dads sing and dance and play maracas with their kids and it's awesome. If I ever get married I'll have a husband like those dads.

Also, Oh my Freakin' "Dancing at Lughnasa". DaL is a play that BYU is putting on. It's all about personal spirituality vs. structured religiosity. It's in favor of personal spirituality, as am I. In it there is a priest, direct off his 20 year mission to Uganda, and how his new spirituality reflects how he treats others. It also has a lot to do with Paganism in Ireland ( which I think is facinating) and women's lives in the 1930's. I loved it.

I really like seeing plays and movies alone right now. I need "me time" and meditation and a safe cocoon to develope in. It's a good time.

I also find that I am begining to enjoy activities with others more too though. I really liked hanging out with my friends at SPARK ( Oh my posh and yum.) and today I went to Walmart and bought some teacher pants. Walmart slacks fit me remarkably well....and I am very very snobish about my that is saying something. Ow Ow.

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