Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So...funny story.

So, funny story.

I was at work, watching the election numbers pull in, and I thought it would be a good idea to get my candidate-of-choice's name on the temple role. I did a quick dart to the back room and dialed in the temple number. A nice lady answered "Hello, Provo Temple.", and I told her I would like to add a name to the temple role. By now I could see my co-worker ( a stanch supporter of the other candidate) slowly grabbing his coat and heading toward the back room. I started to get into a little bit of a rush....


My coworker walked in right as I finished.

The nice lady of the phone spelled it back to me ( I think she may have said an "N" instead of an "M" in the last bit, but my Heavenly Parents know what I meant). She paused. I thought I was done for and that she was processing the name. Thoughts started going through my head of her slowly ripping the paper to shreads.
I really didn't want to have to repeat the name and explain myself in front of my conservative coworker. The woman then said ( in no kidding complete sincerity) "Wow, what nationality is that name from?"...I was dumb struck. Had this woman actually no idea who this candidate was? I shot a nervous glance at my coworker who had begun looking at me with confused suspicion. "I....um...I think it's Kenyan?"
"That's very nice. Now, just so you know, the name stays on the temple role for two weeks and you can call in after that to renew it."

"Thank you very much mam'. Have a nice day."

Hang up.

My coworker shot a glance at me. I was making a kind of self-gratifying chuckling noise. I felt like I had just demonstrated serious guts.

"Who was that?"

"Oh, I was just putting someone's name on the temple role."

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