Saturday, November 29, 2008


The amount of Happiness and Success an individual man or woman possesses is directly proportional to the amount of control that individual has over their own life.

The amount of respect I get from adult males for vocational or educational success is inversely proportional to my perceived attractiveness.

Ignorance multiplied by the number of correct inferences made by an individual equals a constant.

and...from SmileBoy....time=money
school (Smile Boy put "girls")= time * money
school= money ^2
money= (evil)^(1/2)
school= ((evil)^(1/2))^2
school= evil


Hey...I just bought groceries, Christmas decor and an MP3 player. I'm the woman right now! Whoot. I also bought two movies, returned all my library books and prints, got my art files I've just got to revise my DEATH PAPER again ( literal sob), write a lesson plan ( loading nerf gun) for dance, and write a play based on BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL ( shoot myself in the head with loaded nerf gun). Living day at a time.

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