Friday, May 28, 2010

The Chart when filled out at Midnight.

Things that make me happy.

Overhearing two girls on campus talk about the merits of feminism on Women's Health.
Yoga practice, when the instructors come up and help you move deeper into your pose
My pregnant yoga instructor, and the one who always gives me a foot massage, and the one who massages us with essential oil during savasana
When engaging my bondas and focusing on my drishti actually helps me maintain my balance pose
the fact that my friends are interesting enough to entertain me for hours just with links on facebook
scarfs, and wearing them
whitewater rafting
rock climbing
flower arrangement
finishing a long book...finally
hosting a party of all my favorite people
social dancing
that big sigh after doing something gutsy
Anglican meetings
steamed milk
my new bluetooth headset
Just looking at the mountains around where I live
When one of my favorite songs comes on the radio ( so much more exciting than when it's on the mp3)
Documentaries and dramatizations of fights for social justice ( When good triumphs over EVIL! Bwaha!)
A select few movies
catching a wave
Finding something I've lost
Impromptu talks with friends
Asking my friends of other majors to explain aspects of their fields to me in order to answer pressing, yet unimportant, questions
Those rare moments when everything seems clear again.
ice cream

Things that make me sad.

When I have to return a book before finishing it
When people give talks on the omnipotence of prophets
When I lose stuff, like my keys ( I actually wear them on a necklace, situation improved)
When no one can find my Great Barrier Reef CD.
When people say and do stupid sexist things
When people say and do stupid racist things ( I feel like it's an exercise in redundancy to write both "stupid" and "sexist" or "racist" in the same sentence....I mean, no duh.)
When I let someone else down/ inconvenience them
When something reminds me of some mistake in the past and I grimace in public for no obvious reason
When I dumb down/neutralize/simplify my conversation on social and religious topics to please the guy I'm with at the moment
When I think I'm going to have to dumb down/neutralize/ simplify my conversation for the rest of my life or never marry. That's scary, and sucks.
When I don't have time to write on all three of my blogs.
Typos that make me look illiterate
When I get nervous and start to stutter
When nothing seems clear anymore
When the guilty go unpunished ( because that is when the innocent are punished)

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