Thursday, May 27, 2010


BLARGHGAHRABALARGIRARG! My life is in a constant state of LIMBO! When I go down to sign with the landlady she's all like "If I were you, I would hold out." She'd prefer someone who wants a longer contract, and someone who is possibly older, believing it to be a better fit for the neighborhood. Granted, the chick I'm buying from is only 26 and getting hitched and needs to sell her contract immediately....but I had to decline for the moment because the landlady urged.

Dear Universe: When I said "Ok, I'm gonna do this, and if it's not perfect please find a way to stop me.", and then I said "Ok, I said I'm gonna do this, even though it makes me nervous and there really isn't a way to back out....look, here I am getting into my car to drive down and sign the contract." is this what you were expecting would happen?

I'm NO QUITTER! I feel deep guilt every time I don't follow through with exactness, but this does take a load off my mind for the time being. Dangit. I'm starting to feel like an indecisive, unstable person....the very thing I hate! Poetic, Universe. You were always poetic.

Well, back to the drawing board and I'll see how this goes. I can hang around until August if I need to.

Ok Ok.....I'm going to play a game. I'm just going to trust you on this one. Kind of like bungee jumping. Also, please help Tina find someone to sell to, if it isn't me.

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