Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Three Things I wish I could do.

I often suffer from a lack of self-expression outlets. Here are three things I honestly wish I could do.

Sing-like really sing. Sing the songs I love, belting them high and loud so that they sound great. I wish I could display my passions, particularly my religious ones (I really like "come thou fount" and "press forward saints", and "Oh my father" to the tune of "come thou fount"...and "truth reflects upon our senses"). So yes, I really wish I could sing.

Write Plays- Every time I see a moving play, I always think...I have so many great ideas...I wish I could write a play about it. Nothing reaches the heart like theater. Maybe I'll take a play-writing class...just to develope the skill..not that I'd ever be great, but it would a prime outlet for a Megan.

Express Myself well verbally- So many awesome, flawless much stupid mouth. If only I had the gift of persuassion...oh the things I'd persuade. Bwahahaha.

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Indecisive said...

I saw a play last night in salt lake that you would really like. You should go see it.