Monday, April 6, 2009

All Nighter.

"It don't really matter. When life gets that much harder, it makes you that much stronger."
-Carrie Underwood


Now, while it is often said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I dunno. I tend to think that what doesn't kill you makes it much more likely that you'll die sooner. Ejemplo-

Person: *BANG* Ha! I shot you! If you live through this...just think of how strong you'll be!

*Two months later...standing by the victim, being sustained by an iron lung*

Person: Well...Hm. I wonder why that didn't work.

I've had more papers assigned than I can currently handle...and I'd like to say that I've procrastinated....but I haven't . I've been doing my assignments with all the time that has been available. That time would be....*looks at calender* This evening actually.

Now, we shall either see a disaster or a miracle. Will the Megan overcome the odds, and strained emotions (Mind: "Oh! Nobody LIKES ME!" Brain:"Oh, shut up. Dramaqueen.") and finish so many papers and a large presentation due tomorrow? Tune in next time.

Also...the guy ahead of me in line bought the last Passover ticket. I am now on the waiting list.

Don't worry. So far, nothing has killed me. :D

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