Friday, February 6, 2009

The Megan Nature of Learning

So, I woke up and went to class. During class I tried to figure out if I could decipher the political opinions of my classmates based strictly on their posture during parts of the discussion. During break I tried to figure out how many cartwheels it would take to get me all the way down the McKay Buiding third story hallway. I also thought about the historical nature of the "front-hand-spring" and whether or not I ever would have been capable of one due to my own physical features ( tiny wrists, short legs). Hey, did you know that taking a brisk walk up and down the hallway while listening to tribal music is a great way to wake up in the morning? Cause I do...I learned it today. I got home and, pondering on questions related to the US economy brought up in class I went and read some legitamit sources on the state of things, and then noted a bit of political satire and weighed it's implications. Then I watched an online interview with an author about a book studying the nature of emotional and rational thought. After that I listened to This American Life, and got a better vision of the state of American homeless shelters and some very interesting experiences of people with the nature of testosterone. Then I did some private religious reading from the Book of Mormon (unrelated to any previous study....I'm reading chronologically you can see from the bar to the right) and I did some deep introspection on the nature of interpersonal well-being. I read a few pages of an interesting children's book and pondered on how early out first romanitcally construed relationships beocme important, and pondered upon the implications that the recent open discussion of homosexuality in our society means. I then delved a bit into my own personal opinions and conclusions, which are always fluid in an attempt to be moderate. I then listened to a bit more music and compared the differences and similarities of music from different ethnic and historical bakcgrounds. I then pondered on the ways these types of music are similar which got me thinking about the transfer of ideas through cultural exchange in the marketplace, which reminded me of a children's book about Mansa Musa I had recently reviewed. Then I got a call from a friend asking me to look up the laws and locations nessecary to change one's name on a drivers now I know that. Then I thought about the importance of food and hygeine in my life and pondered on how those obsessions/or otherwise may or may not be contributing to my consumerist tendencies...and how I should self-soothe by reading or sleeping or thinking positively instead of self-medicate by taking bites out of the large block of cheese in my fridge...not good. Then I went online and did a quick read up on New Zealand, just because I was curious.

I've learned all that, and it's been just over half a day.

And I haven't even touched my homework. I have a mountain of homework.

Sometimes I think that homework is the greatest inhibitor of learning in the Meganverse.


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