Friday, February 20, 2009


Sometimes it's very difficult to keep momentum if it's you that you are following.
-Eva Peron in Evita

I'm so busy! But now that I have put myself in charge of so many large projects and study groups and e-mail listings and practicums...the alpha-female in me comes out and motivates me. It's only when I'm a follower that I get stressed out...but just wait...cause next week I've got one large project, my teaching practicum coming up and 3 exams (not kidding...wish I was). I wonder how long my alpha-female side can last with such a beating.

But the point is that when I'm in charge, I actually feel more motivated and get more done...until the inevitable burnout...which hasn't come yet....huh.

Also, I think I shall name my car "What's-his-name"...just cause it has stuck....granted, "what's his name" has been a euphemism for several ex-boyfriends within my social grouping (including one of my own) but somehow naming my car that hasn't had any painful repercussions.


Indecisive said...

Now that song from Evita is in my head... thanks.

thecapitall said...

Ready for a random moment? Here it comes.

We were in CSMT's Beauty and the Beast back in 2006. Or rather, you were in it, and I was stage manager. Your name is Megan, my name is TaeLynn, hi nice to re-meet you, especially since we are both friends with dear Miss Cadence.

Anyways, it was fun to randomly find your blog (through aforementioned mutual friend's blog); it's quite hilarious. So I thought I'd leave a comment. Yeah. Have a great day!!