Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Literary Crush

"There is no one, no one at all, never has been and never will be a lover (male or female) who hasn't an eye one, in fact they rely on, tricks they can try on their partner. They're hoping their lover will help them or keep them, support them, promote them. Don't blame them. You're the same."
-Eva Peron in Evita

So, I have developed a new educational approach. In order to take advantage of my hormonal, female brain..I've decided to develop crushes on literary and academic figures. I will apply the existence of beautiful men to my advantage ( don't I ALWAYS!) by using them to keep me motivated on schoolwork. See, how quickly I turn the powers of romantic distraction into academic focus!
All romances can be turned into ladders of success for smart, witty girls ( just ask Cinderella).
I now have crushes on Vygotsky, Alexander Hamilton, Newton, Wilberforce,Hyrum Smith, and others.
Now I run to my textbooks like a bat outa heck (the nicer, cleaner, more bat-friendly version of hell....let's make me a pink glittery bat too...cause we can.) Right now I have the HUGEST ( most huge?) crush on Casey Conner, the male romantic lead in the children's book I'm required to read ( "Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature" by Robin Brande). He is the wacky, yet incredibly handsome ( dark curly hair, blue eyes, tall, chiseled, muscular) Lord of the Rings loving, son of famous Sci Fi writer, science buff who leads the female protagonist into a whole new world...while being incredibly smart, open, funny and sexy.

I almost don't want to finish it, cause I'll miss him so.

I mean, the next protagonist I'm due to hang out ,via literary requirement, with is actually SATAN. Well, you win some you lose some.


smalldog said...

You will find yourself liking Satan, in spite of yourself.

Pinto said...

mmm...could you mayhaps add me as an author on JDD? I'm not sure how but I know you can.