Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm practically licking the screen.

(Man, If I weren't in this kennel...the things I'd do.)

So, I just thought I'd do a shout out to all the fabulous readers who comment on my blog. You would be incredibly flattered at how excited I get when I see updates on my blog of any kind. We're talkin' like...hyper-active poodle straight out of the kennel. Ya. A world-domination-obsessed, hyperactive poodle recently freed from the kennel by her unwitting owners ( BWAH-HA! You fools! You shall rue this day! Now I shall...wait...look...kibble! And SOMETHING SHINY! Bark Bark Bark!) Dude, every time FMH and Cakewrecks update, Pinto, smalldog, or indecisive write, I get a comment, or the freaking cycles of the moon shift, I'm practically licking the screen.

Speaking of bizarre behavior-I've got a lot of work to do, and now I will list it out, for my benefit, not yours. This is just so I can get a quick overview of what I have to accomplish in the next three days.

Room Tidy
Study for two more hours on Literacy test of death.
Take literacy test of death
Lead a review session of literacy test of death
Read 15 children's poems from published sources
Go in and talk to my math teacher for a review
study 4 more hours for math test
take math test
meet with group and finish work on booth for African American children's fair
attend African American children's fair ( 5 hours of booth working)
Meet with Teri and finish our large project on Motivational techniques (including handouts and PowerPoint slide-shows)
Finish reading "Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature"
Finish my take home assignment of doom for TELL
Buy Note cards and note card holders
Write a post on this blog explaining the improbably story of how Captain Handsome saved my life (not to be confused with Captain Hammer, corporate tool----this is what happens when you allow the creator of Firefly to get bored. Don't let it happen again.) and how my car has been rechristened Captain Handsome Whats-his-name Harris.

Also, I'd just like to add that macaroni and cheese, such as that which I am eating right now, always tastes better shaped, and served in a dark blue mug. Just sayin'

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smalldog said...

Huzzah for Captain Handsome What's-his-name! I approve!

PS - did you lick the screen when you saw you had a comment? Didja?!