Sunday, November 29, 2009

Run Down

Sorry I haven't written in a while. I've been really busy recently (what else is new?), so I've decided that I'm just going to write in a stream o' consciousness sort of way. I am watching a movie and talking to friends. Spelling and grammatical errors galore and, I expect, some unfortunate repetition of words. Here goes.

"We are gonna celebrate being young and being alive."
-Miles, in "The Holiday"

In no particular order.

I went on a double date with CaptAmerica, Halestorm, TallBlondeVocalist, and I. We saw Nine. TallBlondeVocalist also bought me a box of Edward Cullen conversation hearts. The hearts all say appropriately creepy things like "Bite Me", "4 Ever", and "I Want U". It was the most hilarious present I've gotten in a while. The box has a great picture of Edward sulking sexily on the cover. It is staring at me right now.

I always have a great time with those guys.

Nine has very impressive animation. Nine also is a bit pompous. If you care to challenge me on this, try to talk about some plot the movie made without sounding pompous. Too little character development and a bit of a cliched plot- but the nerd that I am always appreciates a good metaphor for humanity. Also, a shocking number of dead human bodies.

I've started scuba diving a lot. Two dives just this weekend. Both into natural hot spring cavernous waters. Some pioneers dropped a wagon wheel into the deepest part a century or so ago. I should have some pretty awesome pictures of me, scuba diving, with pioneer artifacts.

The first day I went in I wore a wetsuit. Since it was a natural hot spring, I feared death by boiling, so I took it off. After the dive I noticed the the suit had managed to be pretty shifty in all three important places. Chances are I flashed my instructor in all three important ways. I hope he is skilled in keeping pictures family friendly, or I'll have a very interesting scuba memories to share.

Nevertheless, I dove a lot.

My family came down for Thanksgiving. It was awesome. I love my family.

Lots of food- I made a pie.

Captain Handsome broke down. Captain Handsome broke down on the first day I was needed to teach school, since my mentor teacher had her baby early. Right when Captain Handsome broke down a button popped off of my coat. I looked up to heaven and sighed.

The Captain's clutch had broken. Some mechanic owed my grandpa "a favor." I got the thing fixed for 20 bucks. I am starting to wonder if my grandpa is a mob boss (?).

Somehow the dude was able to drive my car, without a functioning clutch, all the way to American Fork. Mechanics know magic.

Another note, if you are reading one of your favorite blogs, and you see a link and you don't think it is that person you know because they have a very common name and you know someone else who writes on that blog with the same name as them...just don't click on the link. It is always that person.

So, I've decided to start Celebrating Saint Catherine of Alexandria's feast day (which is on the 25th of November) because she is my favorite. I changed my profile picture on facebook to her for the whole day.

Saint Catherine's feast is celebrated by food, but is also a big day for unmarried women (whether over or under 25, all the books and sites seem to disagree), called "Catherinettes", who are then traditionally "crowned", honored, and get to have big parties. Over time the tradition morphed into a thing where unmarried women get to party and buy cool new hats to wear the whole day. I took Halestorm out and we bought great Saint Catherine's Day hats. My hat is the coolest. Your hats cry at night, wishing they were my hat. So sorry.

On the social scene- invited to one play, two times, one movie three times and another movie once, and a concert (which I saw on Catherine's Day), which was very impressive and fun.

Ya, I didn't mention that I went to a concert too. Pictures should be coming to a facebook near you.

I bought some perscriptionless glasses too. He he he.

I am now working two jobs, taking 15.5 credits, and maintain new relationships while getting ready to become a kiwi.

Also, watched the BYU/Utah game on a giant screen, with a screaming uncle. Amazing game.

When I woke up on game day, to go to my early moring deep open dive, I noticed that someone had written "Go Utes" on every car in the parking lot in red window paint.

It was a long and scary drive. I wonder how many BYU people kicked my car as they passed by.

I...I am sure that I am forgetting something. Oh well. Just trying to give everyone a little sample of what has been going on in the past week.

And here, for everyone's rockin' out advantage, is the she-heard-on-the-radio Megan Harris song of the week!

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