Monday, May 11, 2009

Break ( "There's a double meaning in that.")

-I wanna free fall out into nothing. I wanna leave this world for a while.
-John Mayer

So, I'm hitting the point of "run and hide" exhaustion. Like, I need a vacation... from life. Seriously. Not to say I haven't hit this point many times before. It's just this time, I get the feeling that if I'm not careful I might actually least on the inside.

I'm getting lost in everything (Homework? What homework?), and there are days when I swear I could just sit, comatose, on my bed all day, and just watch the world go by. There are other days when I want to run, screaming, out to anywhere. Just away.

I need a break I think. A big loooooooong break.

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