Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adventures in Blonde Eyebrows

So, having run out of astringent, I thought to myself ,"Hey, I still have all that Hydrogen Peroxide in my medicine cabinet...I will use that." So, for the last week and a half, I have ended my cleaning routine with a lovely swab of H2O2. The results for my skin have been fantastic. The cleansing has been thorough and the healing has been quick...but here's the unexpected side effect.

Blonde Eyebrows

Bright Blonde Eyebrows.

Now, I knew that H2O2 had bleaching properties. All those "Oxy-Clean/Wash/Magic Potions" include H2O2. Anne Frank used H2O2 to bleach the darker hair on her face. But I didn't expect results so drastic, so quickly. My eyebrows are several shades lighter than my actual hair. It looks kind of freaky. I have attempted to remedy this problem by spraying my hair with a diluted H2O2 solution every morning, and hope that since the eyebrow to head hair ratio has a higher turnover, the eyebrows might even out over time with the slower lightening of my hair.

But that's just the first of it.

Now, I never grew up with blonde eyebrows. I always had dark ones, which I have slowly adapted to.

Blonde eyebrows on me look kinda bushy. They blend in with my already hyper-white skin tone, so my forehead is becoming one giant brow. The lighter color also draws the eye to them, accentuating their natural fullness. It gets even harder to tame them, since when I went to wax the babies, I couldn't tell where to start. With dark eyebrows, at least I could see when I had brow-o-clock shadow. Now, it's just a rather bushy-looking brow-mystery (brow-stery?).

Now, I'll be the first to admit that ,after some highly calculated time, when I look good I can look GOOD....but when I look bad.....I look BAAAAAAAAAD. Seriously.

An excellent example being all the rather unflattering shots I've had to untag (with the clicking speed and attitude of one playing a violent computer game... "Die Zombie Photos DIE!") of my recent excursion to Capitol Reef National Park and Goblin Valley State Park.

It rained the whole time, and when I'm focusing on outcome (like hiking or education) I care very very little for how I long as I live under the delusion that I look dang good. Nothing like a little slap in the face with the reality fish . ( " Great, pictures! Let me see! Hey, where'd my chin go? Who invited that unflattering extra padding on my person! What is THAT! That can be photoshoped, right?")

But by far the strangest thing was the blonde...blonde eyebrows.

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Laura said...

I have had blonde eyebrows since the time I was aware that I had eyebrows. It sucks, but you can dye them, I personally color them in with an eyeliner pencil. There is hope.