Friday, May 1, 2009

Adventure Megan

First of all, let me say that I got all A's, so my scholarship is sounding pretty solid right now. Horray! Now i am down to a very interesting point. Whether it is better to go to New Zealand and then do a year-long internship in Mexico (more adventure, plus it forces me to learn Spanish...which is by far the sexiest thing that ever happened to a principal's resume since those chic leather portfolio cases, and those sexy-administrator pencil skirts (check and ...check).

Another point of interest is that I've contracted a virus...the uutdoor adventure virus. I had felt the bug coming on as early as my grand British Excursion of 08' but my recent trip the Zion National Park has sealed the deal. Be careful, I may or may not be contagious.

I've decided that I want to go on more and more adventures. Next trip...perhaps Arches National Park...or there is lots o' hiking/camping at the Navajo Nation (another place where I could teach).

I actually went into Sportsman's warehouse, and here is the rundown; 200 dollar sleeping bag...for 50 dollars on sale, coasteering (mountaineering, but on the coast) wetsuit on sale for 40$, five person tent for $130.

I want them all. I want to GO ON AN ADVENTURE!

I'm also on the hunt for a nice mountain bike. Those babes sometimes price up to 400 and 500 dollars. I shall save up.

It's women's conference today, and campus is packed, particularly the BYU bookstore. Another thing it is packed with is fine art from Cassandra Barney (daughter of James C. of my favorite mormon artists...of which there are few. There were quite a few pieces of art there...running from 50 to 3000 bucks. When I grow up and have a big-kid life (oh, dang...that's practically now.) I want a few things.
A: A master's degree
B: Adventures...lots of adventures. Adventures that involve beautiful scenery, new places, and the awesome sleeping bag I'm going to buy.
C: Lot's of beautiful framed artwork all over the house. In pretty dark-wood frames with gold accents.
D: A bookshelf full of pretty leather-bound classics...which I will have read, and another of great theological works.

also..a sexy hybrid car. But I'd be willing to give up all of this stuff for just a life of peace, you know? Real peace...and adventures.

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