Saturday, December 5, 2009

Drop Everything

"I am an echo of the eternal cry of 'Let there be!'"
- Eve in "Children of Eden"

Drop everything and go and see this play tonight. I think that tonight is the last night.
Go and see it. Just, stop what you're doing and buy a ticket. Paper-shmaper- it can wait.

Quick Thoughts

  • No sexist tale of coming from a rib nonsense- both male and female created together at the same time (as the biblical account actually says- believe it or not! Gen 1:27
  • Eve played her part a little ditzy
  • Pretty positive notion of Eve though- in the long run- for a non- mormon perspective
  • BYU vocal talent makes the broadway soundtrack sound like a high school garage band. I can't buy the soundtrack now.
  • Very cool to see a dramatic version of God- with passions and "gasp" even a few flaws
  • It's more a story about God, as a parent, and how one learns to deal with children who can disappoint and think for themselves, than it is about the actual children
  • Both Adam and Eve name the animals- rock on
  • I still can't get "Spark of Creation" out of my head
  • Still no Divine Feminine- someday I will direct this and make some changes- but God was such and intriguing character and had such an excellent voice in this production that I'm gonna let it slide
  • Great message of agency. No seriously. Great message of agency- I'm still thinking about it.
  • The line "Dear God, we know that you don't talk to us anymore." railed against all of my Mormon sensibilities. I may have actually taken a non-conscious audible intake of breath when it was said. Still- it does feel like that sometimes, doesn't it?
  • Did I mention the vocalists?

Revision of last post: Actually asked on 5 dates this week and attended two- both with TallBlondeVocalist- one Salt Lake concert, one dinner at Spark.

I still need to write on 7-10 page paper, one 5 page paper, one impressive 5 day lesson plan, and who KNOWS what else.

Oh, and don't let me forget to talk about the interesting thing that happened yesterday- cause I don't have time to right now.

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