Thursday, September 24, 2009

Worst Week in a Long While

Sunday: Cruising down from the Salt Lake temple, not really paying attention in the carpool lane. First ticket. 15 miles over the speed limit. I was just lucky I guess. Even luckier that I didn't have my license with me (it was in the scanner at work, where I had scanned it for a government document). Even luckier that it had expired. Lucky Lucky me. Day one....then

every check I've written in the last three months was apparently cashed, all in one weekend. Not expecting this, I didn't check my account. Two "overdraft protection notice" alerts later...I'm like, who ate my entire checking account!

I've officially had to get a ride to the order to get a new license. And each time I sat there for two hours and have had to leave before being served due to work or class.

Two Exams.

Miata falls terribly ill. Uncool. Uncool. Especially because I can do nothing about it.

Decided to get my mind off things by going to the gym. The gym has, apparently, been renovating and has been charging 15 bucks every six months my old credit card, which is now expired. They have not been telling me this. I have apparently been charged a late fee as well, since the uninformed charges to the expired card have seemed to come up with nothing. Once I got in the weight room, I noticed my shirt was on backwards. I worked out in it anyway. On the way home, as I crossed the crosswalk, someone honked at me. I shot her/him a look of death. They probably cried on the way home, that look was so dark.

That and various young love emotional garbage betwixt me and his highness The Prince of Monaco, have left me feeling a little ragged. I think that I just get all my pain at once, so that the rest of the month can sail smoothly.

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smalldog said...

So sorry, love. Our landlords have a heinous habit of waiting weeks to cash our checks which means multiple ones at once. Which means no money. And overdrafts. Ack! Do I need to take you to Spark for drinks?