Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dream or Nightmare?

I'm currently out on the town with my sister and mom. I've just come from a stake and shrimp dinner, complete with key lime pie. I am about to go to the theater, and I am staying in nice, posh quarters. Is my life a dream or what?

The woman in charge of setting up my schedule for the upcoming semester has not e-mailed me back. I've still got to finish my NZ application. It seems very unlikely that I will be able to finish my schooling by the end of next summer due to a university inspired lack of available spots. The resulting unnecessary extra semester throws off many large plans. This blog has been acting freake' when opened on explorer, so I may have to go without witty pictures for a while. I haven't written on my other blogs in forever. I'm still stuck in my old job. Is my life a nightmare or what?


smalldog said...

I'm just glad your blog is BACK! I have missed reading of thee at work!

Amy said...

Hi Megan-
It's Amy again. I just came across your comment and remembered that we'd never gotten together. Sorry about that. Shoot me an e-mail if you're still in Provo and we'll do lunch.
amygordonothello at gmail dot com