Saturday, July 18, 2009


"Due-bee Due-be Due"
- Megan's brain crooning like Frank Sinatra while the teacher keeps talking about all the things that are due in the next week. Brain, keepin' me entertained.

Monday- large paper defending my position on whether or not english language acquisition strategies ought to be taught.
Large Presentation given defending my position on in-service teaching in low ELL school districts

Tuesday- Create a large project center teaching a basic idea of the SIOP program
Doctor's appointment that morning

Wed- Large paper of death designed to kill me, presenting project with ELL families
Project Presentation

Large Presentation on vocabulary teaching
Large project on creating centers based on verisimilitude as related to war of the worlds, using the topic of "optical illusion"

Friday- Go to the zoo

During all of this I still have to go to work...where there resides an "all-powerful" and condescending creature of death who does not seem to be happy until all the joy is sucked out of my day. True story.

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Laura said...

Megan I love you. That is all.