Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello All.

So, I don't write often for three reasons. The first being that I don't have a lot of internet in my life right now. The second reason is that I don't have a lot of time in my life...ever. The third is a pretty new one. After a little internet scannage, and a surprisingly vocal call on all my blogs, often from complete strangers, for a return to posting, I found a lot more people read what I type than I thought. So "hello" to all 345 separate readers of my blog. I didn't even know I knew 345 people.....and I certainly didn't expect you to care. I'm sure this includes family, old high school friends, college buddies, guyfriends, girlfriends, potential friends and boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, and (disconcertingly) ex-boyfriends' parents and siblings, and a fair amount of stalkers. Hi, how are you? Glad to hear it. You're pretty much welcome any time....but usually I've got nothing to say, or nothing you should take seriously. In fact, for the most part I'm pretty embarrassed ( but not *embarassado*) that you are probably reading this, typoed, random, and completely incohesive and immature as it is. But nevertheless, feel free to browse around, and glean deep thoughts and assumptions into my psyche and behavior from random samplings of obviously filtered musings which only happen when I am bored. Welcome all.

If you want to get a hold of me I live at

Noneofyoutbusiness, Nameofcity, Nation
Number Icantbelieveyouhonestlythinkidtellyou Street
Southern Hemisphere

Now, just to make it easier on everyone I'll try to help you out a bit. Soooooo...if you want to get to know me, and what is really going on inside this Megan head of mine, I'll give you some resources.

TAHI! ( One)
You should probably read this. Besides the traditional Judeo-Christian texts and Mormon canon, this book has probably been the most influential to me. So, lets say, theoretically, you were like, "Hey, Megan would be a cool person to know. In fact I think that I'd like to meet her and make her a permanent part of my life." ( NOTE: people who are already my friends and get a free pass. You already know me and I already ADORE you), then it would be a really really ( that's right. 2 "really"s) good idea to read this book.

DOS! ( Two)
SO, let's say you are pressed for time, have finished the above book, or are just into great scholarly reading...then you should probably read THIS ( Don't let the name throw you.), which is an excellent collection of articles by Mormon scholars about Mormon history and social issues with regards to women. Conveniently collected and transcribed for the reading public ( that would be you and I....reading public), you can also get it in book that when I see you on the train I'll be like "There sits a cool person", but it's free in a link.

SAN! ( Three)
Aight. I also enjoy travel and Oreos, surfing, performing, hiking, dancing, and sitting around listening to music and reading, scuba diving, religious theory, slankets, and social justice...equally. I enjoy reading non-fiction ( Current book: 1776), and doing new in like a week this list of things I enjoy doing will probably change....because I am afraid that if I say I only like one thing, that I will have blocked myself off from other things, and/or that people will always think of me in a one dimensional way- like that one time I said I wanted a watch for my birthday and got 6 watches.

Any other questions? Good. Glad I got that sorted out."


Anonymous said...

How do I miss thee? Let me count the ways...

Megan said...

GAH! I know that canon, when used in reference to a literary or historical canon only has one "n", and I know that let's has an apostrophe.
*face to palm*
I hate myself.

Annette said...

Hey Meggie, I want you to know I think you are beautiful and amazing and I miss you. Love your little seester