Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear Grammatical Errors

"Hey you! Ya you! Grammatical Errors! How did you get on my blog?"

"Well, your keyboard is slow and so sometimes only half of what you type shows up. Also, sometimes spellcheck isn't automatic when you work on Explorer and not you don't even know I'm here until it's TOO LATE!"

"Well, beat it punk! You are bringing down the whole tone of the neighborhood. "

"THEN... there's the fact that you only have internet for maybe, like, an hour a day and none on most days. When you finally get online you are usually so pressed for time and paniced that you forget to check for me. But I'm THERE. I'm always there."

"But I always catch up with you in the end Grammatical Errors. You can't hide for long."

"Sure. But only AFTER everyone has already SEEN ME! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!"

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